Wordmark Logo Designs – A Stylish Alphabetic Concept of Brand Recognition

Wordmark or logotype is one of the most innovative stylesof logo designing to be known in the recent times. Earlier, logo designing means adding animals, flowers, motifs and a myriad of other things in a colorful background to represent company. Logo design has evolved with time! With the help of graphic designing tools and applications its easy to create logo designs with alphabets of the business name.

What is it?

 A wordmark logo is exactly what it sounds like- a trademark consisting of only a word with some sort of unique font or coloration. This is a text-only typographic representation of a logo which involves the creative arrangement and modification of words to present a visual identity for a brand that will hopefully leave a lasting impression. The representation of the word in artistic style slays traditional logotypes. It makes the brand visually appealing and eye-catchy. Typically, such a logo is a distinctly designed, for a product name, institution, or company, used in order to establish strong identification and branding.



What Really Separates a Wordmark Logo from a font?

Basing a wordmark on an existing font is a common practice no matter how high-profile your client is. As you’ll see below, it’s the little differences that matter.

Lengthened ascenders, adjusted kerning and other such seemingly minor modifications can transform a commonplace font into the backbone of a recognizable brand mark. Check out the über-rich logo design samples of companies like Facebook and Google, Wikipedia, FedEx or high-end brands like Giorgio Armani, they have invested in completely custom-made lettering for their logos. The logos have aided their companies in making new profit on their respective industries.

What is its impact?

  1. Mostly, pictorial representation of your brand is just not enough to explain your business. A consumer might feel confused with images without any words. Sometimes, two companies can have the same logo design, which even leads to more misconceptions. However, with a wordmark logo design there are less chances of plagiarism or any copyright concern. The name of the company or organization will obviously be different.
  2. This logo design is visually attractive, and holds onto to a person’s senses for long. It will stick in the consumer minds, thus creating greater brand recognition compared to simply images and fonts. You can also introduce eye-catchy colors and fonts, to ensure better brand impression of the company.
  3. One of the major benefits of a wordmark is the simplicity and ease of understanding it. Graphic trademarks comprised of solely pictures are often too busy and complicated. This lack of crispness can look unprofessional and excessively complicated. But, these text-based logos spell out the brand which could be easily interpreted by anyone looking at it and is probably the most efficient form of logo to create, as it exclusively relies on the words to represent an entire brand.

Where to find professionals help?

There are many different types of graphic designing tools to accomplish your wordmark logo design project. You can follow few logo design samples, if thinking about a DIY plan. However, designing a logo needs expertise and professional background as logo is an essential element of your business and it represent your company. Better, take help from the professionals to design beautiful wordmark logo. You can consider The Logo Boutique, they are wonderful designers and friendly experts.



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