Every Letter Speaks Something About Class in a Logo Design

Your logo is an identification of trust and credibility of your business.Your logo is asignature; it has the potential to display your profilein a single glance. Few simple strokes of letters and colors and the job is done! But, the truth is totally opposite. A logo design company culminates lots of craftsmanship, intelligence, and inventiveness to create a logo for the business. Because your logo is a short and crisp representation of your business,

Logos for Hospitality Industry

Suppose your business is dealing with the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts or chain of hotels. In that case, a logo has to be empirically stylish and sophisticated. Every letter, stroke, sketch, pattern or drawing must say something about class and luxury in design.  The design should speak about an affluent category of accommodation facility, where anyone can stay, rest and unwind in their leisure time.

Different Logo Styles that Suite Your Business

Minimalistic – Minimalistic logo design elements are pretty trendy right now. It isthe simplest of logo design that rules the market.  Go minimal with your logo design; avoid using loud gestures and eye-popping features in the logo model. The reason is – minimalistic logo designs are very practical and at the same time they are purpose driven.

Vintage Style – “Old is always Gold”! Vintage style logo concept has seen a massive upsurge in hospitality industry. The main reason is the nostalgic feelings and attachment with the memories of past. The design will grab customer’s attention towards the brands and make them more powerful and appealing.

Line-art:  Line art and mono lines look very trendy with hospitality industry.  This features an amalgamation of line art concept with innovative logo designing styles. The design goes with a crisp, clean wire look, which displays a simple and eclectic design. Some graphics interface is also added for better visualization effect.

Geometrics – Geometric patterns of logo are ruling the market for many years, and still having an active status in the present scenario. Each element of geometric shape gives a dimension to logo design and has unique significance. For example, a circle in a logo design suggests community, friendship, love, relationships and unity.Likewise, there are triangles, rectangles, and square used in logo designing.

Words – Word logo or typographic logos provides an easy, clever and creative way to represent your brand. This is a beautifully thought out ligature, or an imaginative use of letters to design unique logo. In fact, it’s clever use of color, scaling or re-arrangement of letters or even subtly removing something from the logotype that gives it a twist of brilliance.

The Letter Type & Style

Logo design for hospitality business must reflect a sense of relaxed and laid-back attitude. It must carry an essence of serenity and comfort, so the fonts need to be in same order. Because your goal is to get visitors who will come back over and again for your elite services and hospitality served. You can take inspiration from Mightype, Flamingo, MB Deco, Chap, Waverly CF, New pari, Alehouse Condo, Domaine Text, Amster, Candlescript Pro, etc,.

In a nutshell:

A logo is a crucial element of hospitality industry. Whether you own a resort or chain of hotels, and business internationally, a logo is a must-have. But, it has to exclusively design by professional designers at logo design company, so thatit makes your brand speak for yourself.


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