7 Vintage Logos Styles That Are Now the Epitome of Designs

Vintage Logos are right now the recent talk of the town. You might have seen vintage styled logos on different products, retro pictures with quotation on coffee shops, and hipster logos and graphics on tees and apparel brand. All these indicate one thing that the brands try to keep up with the evolving taste of consumer, and they are forced to adapt and mould their logo in accordance to that.

A vintage logo brings back a stronger influence to the existing design. Whether you are looking to cook up some vintage logos for your brand or want to add a dose of nostalgia to your current project, it pays to keep up what’s popular.

Here’s a list of seven most popular design trends from one of the best logo design company that you can introduce in your artwork.

Badges:If you are considering a vintage logo for business, then badges are the simplest and easiest way to draw it. The designers will typically shoot for a nice, simple shaped that can be stamped anywhere on anything. Circles are indeed are the most popular styles, but you will plenty of geometries such as hexagon, square, and others to design vintage logos. Usage of vintage object like chains or motorbikes can bring in some extra visual flair.

Hand drawn:The hipster movement embraces all things handmade. So, one who wants to match with the hipster must have a hand-drawn logo from professional logo design firm. This will blend perfectly with aesthetic and look, creating the logo more eye-catchy and innovative. Though artistic logo looks masculine, it will reflect a strong image of the business in the market.

Industrial:If we look back to the early and mid 20thg century, industrial logos were designed with artificial effects such as feathered shadows or 3D images. There were axes, scissors, hammer, factories or other tools instead of modern wi-fi signals or cloud computing images. It was completely natural, replicating the hard labor and sweat of the men and women. You can use those inspirations to showcase strength and hard work in logo design.

Land and sea:  Vintage logo design is often recognized with animals, trees and nautical images. Animals like deer, moose, elk, it doesn’t matter. Some outdoor event providers used mountains, trees, tents, etc in their logos. Whereas, nautical themed graphics such as Anchors, fish and topes gives a rustic charm to the logo design.

Beer and coffee:Time marches on, empires rise and fall, but some things never change – Like the love for beer and coffee! Our ancestors have given these concepts to design a vintage logo design that never fades with change of time. You can ask the best logo design company to introduce the same theme to your business logo.

Logos on Photos: If you will look ten years back, logos were displayed with a typical solid background or may be with a gradient. These logos are simply enough; they look fantastic when overlaid on top of a great photograph. Logos on photos will definitely bring the retro charm and displays your image more professionally.

Line Art:Vintage logo designs shows thin lines and simplified illustrations at every design concept. But earlier when skeuomorphism was in trend, vintage artwork used heavy textures. The flat design makes no noticeable presence and replaced by creative thing vintage graphic later.

These are the few common styles of vintage logo designs to rule-out in current trends. If you wish to add the same style and power to your brand, then immediately consult your professional logo design firm from The Logo Boutique. Just share your idea with them, and they will envision the logo in the way you always wanted.


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