Unique Two-Letter Logo Designs To Look Forward in Future

Have you ever imagined what makes a logo so powerful? It’s nothing else than the letters that we use to create unique logo designs for our business or organization. Letters grabs the attention very fast, it can leave an long-lasting impression on the onlooker and delivers a direct message to the reader’s perception towards brands in the market. The different fonts, colors and style of letters used by logo design agency makethe logo identifiable and easily feasible in the competition. In short, only a couple of letters can convey a world of meaning!

The Art of Two-Letter Logo Designs

Two–letter logo designs are creative piece of art. These designs are constructed with simplicity and sophistication in mind, which makes it more ideal for apparel brands, banks, and finance institutionsto use in their logo concept. Two-letter typography streamlines, simplify and makes the logo minimal and impressive. It neatly organizes the different visual aspects in appropriate proportion to design the most unique logo that every business could ever dream of.

Though it has lot of advantages compare to other logo design styles, using perfect combination of typography could make it more conventional. But if your letters are too plain-looking, they’ll fail to make a visual impact on the audience. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up our favorite techniques and few logo design samples for creating two-letter logos to help you out.

Sharing vertical strokes:One of the easiest methods to design two-letter logos is sharing the same stroke line. Two uppercase or lowercase letters can be conjoined together in two-different colors to emphasis one over the other or simply make both letters the same color to create one solid lettermark.

Connecting crossbars: As opposed of sharing vertical strokes, sometimes the letters in a ligature can be connected by their horizontal stroke which is commonly known as bridge. You can accept different styles, such as top crossbars, middle crossbars, lower crossbars or crossbars at different levels.

Removing and cropping:  Sometimes creating a unique letter mark design, isn’t about adding letters or forming bridge. Rather, removal of something in a way can ties them together. The best way is removing strokes or a part of it, cropping the letters or removing additional space between them. If you are not clear, browse through some logo design samples for better clarification and details.

Using negative space:Try to create unique logos by using negative space in interesting ways. Add negative space to a colored shape; reshape that white space into another letter, try running an unbroken line of negative space through each of them and use other measures to feel connected. It will definitely compel the audience to double take and examine the logo more closely.

Similar letter combination: You might have seen the Volkswagen logo, its quite eye-catchy, right? Actually, several letters that have similar visibility are paired to form a combination. This is an ideal example of similar letter combination, which is really unique and matches with the taste. You can also have that combination to your logo to represent a strong brand impression in the market.

These are few easy ways to design two-letter logo design for your business or organization. It will definitely catch more users and drive more sales in future. Select any from your style preferences and get the job done at the best logo design agency in Florida – The Logo Boutique.


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