4 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Latest Logo Design

Logos are an important part of any business; it’s a graphic representation of a company’s identity in a creative and skillful manner. It creates an image about the business and influence the perception of the audience.Actually, your brand logo speaks to your target audience without the help of any representative or salesperson. It can promote itself and standalone in competition with the uniqueness and style.

A good logo design is like a boon for a business. It builds loyalty between your business and customersand establishes a brand identity and provides the professional look of an established enterprise. It generates warm feelingsof trust and credibility of the company. Think about McDonald’s golden arches and Nike’s swoosh; it speaks a lot about its identity and individuality in lesser words. So, an updated or modified logo design can quickly express several positive attributes of your business, easily.

A logo has the most influential convincing power. It darts to no language barriers or any physical restrictions, because graphic speaks better than any other means of communication. However, all of this only works if the logo is backed by perfect marketing strategy. A great logo without audience reach is just like a good idea without implementation.

Learn about the top 5 inexpensive ways to market your newest logo design

Blog Posting and Content Marketing: Content marketing has emerged as an important asset for brand promotion. If you want to promote your new logo and reach the potential customers, start posting blogs and writing reviews on the topic to reach the highly literate audience of the market. A blog post on company’s website that highlights the features and the history of logo, how it comes into existence and the fun-facts; can incite the curiosity of growing reader audience. This catches maximum attention of the readers and provokes them to write reviews. This is an indirect, participatory method of promotion.

Promotion on Social Media Platforms:Not to mention, that social media is one of the largest platform for branding your newest logo design. Unlike other traditional source of mass communication, social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., will help you get through maximum customers. This is because, if a logo is received on these mediums, it has fair chance of being shared far and wide, reaching maximum people and thus creating a compound effect. The message will be passed on from one to another without costing you any money.

Physical Promotion: Promoting your logo design through physical means is an effective step towards brand promotion. Psychologists suggest that our memory of an object stays on for longer if we can feel it with our senses, especially touch. So, provide your audience a chance to hold and feel your logo physically.  Use mass media assets like flyers, billboards, banners, boarding etc., to reach a large sector of working-class audience. You can choose illuminated boardings on traffic signals, newspapers or pamphlets to advertise y our logo and seep into the public consciousness.

Customizing objects:Printing and inscribing company logo on cups, mugs, key holders, pen-stand is the most effective method to advertise your logo. In other words you can say, merchandising is the most popular and acute method of branding promotion to the market. It can penetrate effectively to the market and turn the cash-flow adding venture to the core business. In addition to that, if the logos are inscribed on employees t-shirts or identity cards, it creates a sense of loyalty and pride to them. This is just like hitting the target in a single dart!


There are several others ways of promoting and advertising your logo in the market. For best results, consult an expert team of professional logo designers from The Logo Boutique. We are a decade old company, based on native land Florida to pursue our fortifying dreams and expectations. We provide complete custom logo design solutions at a Red Tag price.

How to Create Logos That Speaks Your Business Philosophy Well

Every business needs a logo to represent its brand in the market. It symbolizes the most important ethics and philosophies of the business, very clearly and precisely. Logos also represent the persona that you want to portray to your target audience. Everything from fonts to colors, and design to lettering can create an impulsive image on viewer’s perception level. What you want to portray can be effectively displayed from a custom logo design. In a nutshell, logo must speak about your business philosophy quite well!

Better understanding of your business

First thing you need to do is analysis and conceptualization. Analyze, what you want to include in your business philosophy. Always keep your business ethics simple and understandable. It will help your customers to get a clear idea and build trust on the business. Remember, business philosophy conceptualization and integration is an important part of a logo design.

Ways to Integrate Brand in Your Logo Design

If you think that your logo design fails to conceptualize the business philosophy well enough, here are few tips to follow that may help you to focus on the purpose on the brand.

  • Prefer real photos over animated ones – One of the best methodsto capture the essence of your branding is to use real photographs. Real photo graphs in your logo design bring a sense of class and credibility in the logo design. It can emphasize a particular product or asset of the business that you want to give greater focus on.
  • Explain your message clearly–Your brand represents the core ethics and values of the business. It should carry a thoughtful message that you want to send to the potential customers. So, while designing a logo, remember that you are representing your business, so you need to focus on the most important idea that you wish to portray.
  • Create unique fonts–Fonts plays an important role in displaying your brand. If you use the right font in the right place, it will create a positive image of the business. But, it needs special skills and techniques for an impressive design. If you want best results, look around for a skilled custom logo designer to design your logo with unique fonts.
  • Make it more expressive– It’s an important fact that people react more to their emotions than logics. So, while designing a logo give greater emphasis on few important things including color, design, fonts and other. Look out for the current logo design. How does it feel? Does it create a sense of warmth or trust? If the logo is in dark or light shade, then does it exude confidence from the brand? Get answers for all the questions from your logo designers.

Fixing errors in logo design

Sometimes a logo fails to express its objective and philosophy with the existing design. That may be of color coordination failure or any font error, or might be outdated conceptualization; but it may not be necessary to scarp your current logo completely. Instead, look for some modification and design remodeling and think about how you can improve upon it.

Choose Different Versions of your logo design

Create different versions of your logo design before selecting the final one for your business. You make some subtle changes to keep the natural essence of the logo. But, avoid making some drastic changes. It will make you lose some older customers with whom you have already built a relationship of trust. Create different models from the same concept to make your logo more visible and reachable. And, once you develop a new logo design, make sure and sent out an email announcement about your new logo so that the customers will be aware of the change.

When you are all set for designing a logo, select a logo designing team for better results. Choose from The Logo Boutique custom logo design for conceptualizing and designing a creative logo for your company. We have the biggest platform to design an impressive logo that can speak your business philosophy well!

Evolution of Logo Design in this Digital Era

In today‘s world of digital marketing, a unique logo design is the fastest way to generate business. All global companies invest huge funds to develop an iconic logo design that boosts sales and traffic. They aim to convey an intended brand message. But the ways to design company logos have faced many challenges in the modern times.

In the pre-digital era, visual identities and logos were designed with individuality and representation in mind. While there was always some overlap of imagery, duplicity and promotion across different channels. Only originality was the essential norm. But now, it has become even more difficult than ever before to stand out. Companies that would have competed only with others in their geographical location have to cope with the competition on global scale.

With a brilliant logo design company in Florida, and accessibility to different digital tools – it become easier for companies to look beyond and handle the most common challenges of logo design in digital era.

Let’s have a look through evolution of logo design in the competitive time

Methodology: The first company logo was designed and drawn by hands. But, with the advent of latest computer technology logo designing undergoes huge transformation. Modern logo designer company embraced graphic tools in their logo designing techniques. While some of them even prefer hand-drawn designs.

Modulation in logo preferences: Logo preferences have changed a lot in the modern era. It turned from being visible to simplicity. Digital marketing requires certain logo elements that simple weren’t a concern with print and television marketing. One of the biggest examples are – Starbucks, Coca Cola, Target. They has simplified and refined their logos.

Quality of an effective brand logo: A standard logo design much be furnished with all essential factors. The logo must feature simplicity, better communication capability, recognizability, utility and versatility.

Today’s logo must be designed with customers and competition in mind. That means that they have to look impressive as well as promote your brand together.

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